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June 22'

What’s Up in the Tree

“Hello just wanted to say thanks for everything I learned from the Jeremiah Tree. The girl that I fell in love with passed away and I want to use so bad but those things I learned have kept me from doing so. And that is why I say thank you.” -- received this month from a graduate

June 2022 In this Issue: Family Farm Fun Day in Photos, Gala Save-the-Date, Update on the Executive Director Search, House with Property!, Signs of Spiritual Growth

FAMILY FARM FUN DAY God sent rain for Family Farm Fun Day. But everyone who was there had a grand time anyways! Some of our residents got to hang out with their families and that was really good. We enjoyed great music, great food, great activities. Andy Wills donated a box of CDs and the proceeds entirely come here to The Jeremiah Tree. Contact us via the email button at the bottom of the newsletter if you would like to make a donation and receive a CD. Enjoy these photos from Farm Day.

CHANGING SEASONS, CHANGING LIVES GALA Save-the-Date Be sure to set aside the evening of October 1 in order to join us at our fall gala. It will be a lovely evening. Look for more information soon!

UPDATE ON THE SEARCH FOR AN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR If you are passionate about your faith, about recovery ministry and love seeing lives transformed, you may be the person we are looking for as our next Executive Director! Or you may know such a person. We have received applications from several interesting candidates. We are still in the accepting applications phase of the search. The application period closes July 3. Will you please be praying for us as we work through all of the stages of this search? We need God’s direction every step of the way!

Executive Director Job Description

HOUSE WITH PROPERTY! Ah, listen. Do you hear the birds chirping? The insects buzzing? Do you feel the gentle breeze? Do you see that small apple and pear orchard over there? Isn’t this a peaceful location? God brought to the attention of the Board of Directors this home on 6 acres of land, with a 3-car garage and a pole barn that seems perfect for the TreeHouse part of our program as well as our offices. What doesn’t this property have? Drug dealers walking down the sidewalk just a few feet away from our front porch, sirens as first responders respond to lots of calls, not infrequently right across the street. The sellers have accepted the Board’s offer, which is contingent upon securing the financing. We have a verbal agreement for someone to purchase one of our two houses in town and that is a good step towards the financing. We anticipate the residents will put in a garden and have chickens, too. Less busyness and noise. More peace, quiet, and plenty of opportunities to work hard and gain skills in God’s fresh air. This will be a good place to tell the men, “Welcome Home!”

God is moving and providing for so many aspects of this property. The sale of one of our houses in town would cover almost 2/3 of the cost of this house and property. That would be a great start, but we do need to finance the rest of it as well as make some repairs and adjustments to the house. We will be starting a capital campaign soon, but we would welcome monetary donations to jump start it.

Donate here!

SIGNS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH! by Pastor Steve Wilson This month, I’ve been encouraged by the growth of our residents. One lost his temper a couple of weeks ago, but then humbly apologized the next day. He said he didn’t want to be his former self anymore. He wanted to live as an authentic Christian. Praise Jesus for the change He makes in our hearts and lives! Another resident asked for increased feedback on his homework assignments. He wanted to make sure he was understanding the class material and progressing in his knowledge of the Lord. I thank the Holy Spirit for drawing us closer to Him! A third resident made significant strides in overcoming anger and resentment from the hurts of his past. Thank you to our volunteer pastors for working with this man through a difficult situation. The Jeremiah Tree is about more than sobriety. It’s about changing our hearts, attitudes, thought patterns, reactions, coping mechanisms, and behaviors. It’s about transforming our entire way of life!

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