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The Treehouse

Through counseling, prayer, mentoring, discipleship, and training in social and life skills, residents of the TreeHouse gain the strength to lead productive lives. The TreeHouse is the recovery phase of our program.  It is a highly structured, residential, discipleship program aimed at full recovery from the behaviors and attitudes of addiction.

The TreeHouse is a ministry recovery house for Men

The men spend several hours each day in Bible study. They also do community service, do their own laundry and chores, keep tidy rooms with room inspections, have counseling, meet with their parole officers (if they have one), go to recovery meetings, establish a relationship with at least one mentor, cook their own meals, etc. In nice weather the men play basketball or do other games outdoors. They mow the lawn and may help in the garden. Some of our men have never learned how to do those things, so there can be a big learning curve. Some of our residents are artists or musicians so we seek ways to give them creative outlets as well. Contact with friends and family is very limited at this point, because sadly, even family has often been a poor influence on our residents.  

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