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July 21'

What’s Up in the Tree “I realize that the skills I do have are gifts from God. I need to quit running off self-will, put my knowledge to use, and give back what so freely has been given to me.” — a resident July 2021 In this issue: Fun Art Fundraiser, New Staff & New Titles, 4th of July Parade, Branches of Growth with Jeff Fun Art Fundraiser There are just a few days left! Ends July 31! Support The Jeremiah Tree and have a chance to win one of these great items! Broken and Made New is the art company of a friend of The Jeremiah Tree. They are running a fundraiser on Facebook benefiting The Jeremiah Tree this month. Anyone who donates to The Tree on their Facebook fundraising page will be put in the running for a handmade broken glass mosaic. For every 10 donors, additional artsy giveaways are added. Hannah made a mosaic of a coffee cup. Elise Parsons of Wilmington Road Pottery made a unique and lovely illustrated mug, Karley Hepworth created marvelous notecards, Jeremiah Tree treasurer Paul Jero and Hannah Biggs teamed up to make some cool wood and mosaic coasters, Lucas Zellers made some stickers. Join the fun of maybe winning one of these great items!

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Finances are tough right now. Click below to read the letter we recently sent our friends via US mail:

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New Staff, New Titles We have been blessed with the addition of a new part-time staff member. Steve Wilson learned about some of the men here which led to volunteering. Steve is really passionate about sharing Jesus with men in addiction. After volunteering for several months, we realized that he could fill a gap amongst our staff. Welcome, Steve! We also realized that the job title we had given Gary Chapman was not descriptive of his role but did indeed describe the role that Steve would be filling. Gary continues to do the very good job he has been doing of managing the daily program and working with the men on a daily basis. His new title is Program Manager. Steve Wilson takes on the part-time role of Operations Manager. The Operations Manager will now have the responsibility of making sure things run smoothly around here: from volunteer recruitment to making sure the Program Manager has what is needed to keep the program running to maintenance and upkeep of the houses.

4th of July Parade On the 4th of July, our President, Jamie Fee, program manager Gary Chapman, operations manager Steve Wilson, one of our current residents and several family and friends marched in the Beavercreek 4th of July Parade. The Parade took place on Dayton-Xenia Rd from McDonald's to the Beavercreek High School. Our group carried a sign shown in the photo, drove a golf cart with Jeremiah Tree signs, patriotic symbols for 4th of July, as well as handed out flyers for the Jeremiah Tree. Steve Wilson carried a megaphone to ask for prayer, financial, and volunteer support while Gary and others handed out flyers and candy. Even though the weather was hot and muggy - it was the 4th of July after all - the group considered the event a big success as many spectators recognized the signs and knew of the Jeremiah Tree work in the Greene County community.

Branches of Growth with Jeff As we are transitioning out of a covid forced isolation here at The Jeremiah Tree and around the community, our residents are getting out a good bit more. It's awesome to see these guys out in the community again doing service work and getting to the YMCA for some recreation and exercise. We believe community involvement is important in these guys’ lives as they transform to productive citizens. And as they transform to productive citizens they are able to get jobs, reconcile with families and hopefully be able to disciple other men that are in the same spot they were in. Thanks, Jeff

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