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November 21'

What’s Up in the Tree “The TreeHouse has been a blessing to my life and has taught me how to be a husband to my wife, a good son, brother, and father.” – a resident

November 2021 In this issue: Giving thanks for the gala, for Jeff, for volunteers, for growth in residents!

Giving Thanks for a Great Gala! Wow! The gala turned out more beautiful, enjoyable, and successful than we could have ever asked or thought! God sent rain in the early afternoon that stopped before the event began; God gave us a wonderful venue with lots of fresh air and the beauty of an early fall outdoor evening; people prayed and engaged; the speakers shared passionately about the ministry God is doing at the Jeremiah Tree; God moved in the hearts of His people to give and become involved. God moved our donors in a big way that night, bringing in about $60,000, with money continuing to come in. We are thankful to you, our donors for allowing God to use you to change the lives of men fighting addiction.

Giving Thanks for Jeff Carter and the Solid Foundation He Laid The Jeremiah Tree has been greatly blessed by the leadership of Jeff Carter as our Executive Director. On November 2, The Jeremiah Tree Board of Directors regretfully accepted Jeff’s resignation. Jeff served this ministry for over 6 years, pouring his heart and soul into building a ministry that reached out to men in addiction with the life transforming love of Jesus. He helped build a solid foundation at the Jeremiah Tree that will last for many years. We are grateful for his sacrificial service and wish him and Terry many blessings as they move on to the next phase of their lives. The work Jeff began at the Jeremiah Tree will indeed go on, and we are confident that the amazing plan that God has been unfolding in the ministry will continue. We remain committed to the program Jeff built. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the board as we begin the search for a new executive director. Pray that, throughout the changes that will come, God is glorified and His purposes are accomplished.

Giving Thanks for Great Volunteers! The Jeremiah Tree has been blessed with terrific volunteers! We have men who teach classes, families who cook and eat and play games and teach, mentors who meet with a resident one-on-one each week, ladies who grocery shop and run other errands, ladies who help to plan events, do mailings, photographers, and the list goes on. Truly, we are so very thankful for every single volunteer. Each of you is making a difference in our residents’ lives. Sam Huber has been a faithful volunteer. He has taught a class each week and also been a mentor. Sam and his family moved to the Boston area earlier this year. We miss him around here. We are certain that God will keep using the Huber family wherever God places them. Sam wrote this about being a volunteer – “It was the opportunity that I did not know I was looking for and I didn’t know much it would change me. Being a volunteer at the TreeHouse gave me an opportunity to learn from those who I was asked to mentor. I volunteered and continued to volunteer because I saw God at work not only in the staff, but in and through the men who were there to battle with God’s help. If you want to have your comfort zone challenged because you want to grow – learn and grow through mentoring men in and towards Christ. I am forever changed and grateful for having had the opportunity to volunteer [at The Jeremiah Tree].” If you are interested in volunteering our biggest needs right now are for teachers on Wednesday and Friday mornings, and to help with social media and design sorts of things.

Giving Thanks for Growth in our Residents Jesse and Tod have both recently completed their year with us. Jesse is living in Fairborn. The old Jesse would have left the area as soon as life got just a little rough, but this new Jesse has continued his job and also continues working on and through the difficulties that arise. Tod continues living at the GreenHouse while he works with an area contractor and prepares for the next steps God has for him. These two men have grown in wisdom, in knowledge of the Lord, and in the ability to live their lives free from addiction. We are so proud of both of them as they rebuild their lives and give back to others.

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