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November 20'

Welcome to The Jeremiah Tree's

first E-Newsletter!

We are excited to be able to connect with you via MailChimp and appreciate your patience as we grow and learn. We hope to send you a short newsletter monthly so you can see what God is doing here at The Jeremiah Tree. If you don't want to receive future emails, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.

In this issue: 3 Baptisms, the gala, unexpected financial need


It never gets old to see men proclaim publicly that they want to follow Jesus and allow Him to walk with them through their recovery. At The Jeremiah Tree, these men are learning about Jesus, about breaking old ways, about letting Jesus transform them.

Jesus found our House Manager, Stephen, while Stephen was in prison. He has been following Jesus for a while now but hadn't yet been baptized, and chose to join two of our residents as they took their next step of faith.

Tod is a joy to watch as he wants Jesus to transform him, have his wife learn to follow Jesus, and for Jesus to put the marriage together as it should be. Obie wants to finally live for Jesus, too.

Will you pray for our residents? They need strength for the hard days that will most certainly come!

GALA: Redeeming the Discarded

Those who have watched the video for our first virtual Gala all agree that Brian and Sarah at did a fantastic job of communicating The Jeremiah Tree's message of the hope that is in Jesus, even for those trapped in the despair of addiction. If you watched the video, and have not had the chance to send in a pledge, your response now can help us continue to keep our beds filled with men needing hope. If you have not yet viewed the video, you can do so here: The 30 minutes it takes will touch your heart! Congratulations to Becca Hippenmeyer who won the discarded metal tree created by Adam Geis! Photo: Susan Jero, admin, presents the tree to Becca.

Significant Financial Need

God is doing amazing things at the Jeremiah Tree! We are fully staffed, our beds are filled, and men are making life-changing decisions. Never has God’s hand been more evident than it has in recent months. But with great blessings also come great challenges. We are currently facing some significant, unexpected expenses that could endanger our ability to continue what we are doing. The roof of the TreeHouse recently developed a leak that will require professional repairs. Additionally, as we were preparing to make long-needed repairs to the front porch of the GreenHouse, we learned that the entire porch needs to be replaced. Finally, as we work to bring our buildings into compliance with current building codes, the TreeHouse will now come under commercial codes, requiring the help of an architect, and what could be some major building renovations. WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you have been considering a year-end gift, could you send your gift now? If you have the ability during these times to make a contribution of any size, it could make the difference in keeping our doors open for men whose lives have been devastated by addiction. As we approach the season of Thanksgiving, some of you know the pain and desperation of watching a family member struggle with addiction and can help us offer hope. Others may give out of thankfulness that loved ones have won the battle over addition, and still others out of gratitude that their family is blessed to be free from these burdens. Whatever your reason for giving, we promised to be good stewards of your gifts. If you are unable to give during this turbulent year, could we ask you to be a faithful prayer warrior for the work we do? Pray for miracles in the lives of the men we help, as well as in the material battles that we fight.

You can give online or by US mail (PO Box E, Xenia, OH 45385).

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