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June 21'

What’s Up in the Tree [Jesus is] walking every step in this journey with me. Through prayer he has allowed me to become a new person in Christ. – a graduate June 2021 In this Issue: What DO Our Residents Do All Day?, Community Service at The TreeHouse, Jeff Has Surgery, A New Board Member

What DO our residents do all day? Do you ever wonder what our residents in the TreeHouse do each day? The men are up at 6 a.m. After breakfast, they have their individual devotions and then come together for devotions as a group with a staff member. They get a break and have a 2-hour class that applies the Bible to an issue these men face or is an introduction to Who God is. Then lunch, clean up, and study hall, since they get homework from the different classes. The afternoon is for cleaning the house, going to the Y, community service, creating art, and meetings and appointments with the case manager, individually. After supper and kitchen cleanup, the men have another class or game night. Once a week is entertainment evening where they get to purchase dinner and watch a movie (before covid they would also go mini-golfing or bowling or something fun). Lights out is 10:30 p.m. in order to get a good sleep to do most of that all again.

Community Service at The TreeHouse Community service is an important aspect of the program at The Jeremiah Tree. Each man needs to learn to give back instead of being a taker from the community. It is also very good for each man to know that he can contribute to society; he has something to offer. The men spend several hours each week in serving others. Past tasks have included renovating a home for a single woman, moving several different people, cleaning churches, painting, landscaping for several organizations in town, yard work.

Branches of Growth with Jeff This month Branches of Growth with Jeff is a personal note. One month ago I had spine surgery to correct a failing structure that was placed in my back 2 1/2 years ago. I had 3 surgeries in 2 days. It even took a vascular surgeon to open my stomach up and move stuff out of the way so my orthopedic surgeon could get to my spine to put spacers in. And then 2 separate surgeries through my back to place a metal cage around my spine and place screws in it. My recovery has gone slow and I've taken it slow. I am slowly returning to my duties at The Jeremiah Tree. I appreciate your prayers and concerns for me. I'm grateful. Thanks, Jeff

Another New Board Member Jason Johnson joined The Jeremiah Tree Board of Directors in May. Jason was saved by Jesus after being an addict for 17 years. Since then, he has sought to share with others that Jesus can transform and restore. Jason is one of the Bible teachers here at The Jeremiah Tree. He is on the leadership team of Way of the Cross church and runs his own construction business. He is married and he and his wife Lori have 6 children. Jason, thank you for serving!

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