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July 17'

12 Clues your Child is Using Drugs

Many of the calls we receive at the TreeHouse are from parents who are worried about their children. With so much publicity concerning the current epidemic of drug use, they have suspicions but aren’t sure what to look for. Here are some telltale signs that your son or daughter might be using drugs: 1. They’ve started wearing long sleeves, even when the weather is warm. 2. There are tooth marks on their belts. 3. They have red or glassy eyes. 4. They have new friends you haven’t met before. 5. Money is missing (or items that could be sold or pawned for cash.) 6. There is a change in their school grades. 7. They are having secretive phone calls. 8. They have a lack of energy or more energy than normal. 9. Their attention span is shorter than normal. 10. Their breath has a different odor. 11. Their personal hygiene suffers. 12. Spoons are missing from your silverware drawer. If you recognize some of these signs in your child, seek help for them immediately. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to reach out for help. Your child’s next use could be his last. Where to call for help: TCN Behavioral Health Services 937-376-8701 Jeff Carter, TreeHouse Director 937-207-0039 Teen Challenge, Cincinnati 513-248-0452 Newsletter July, 2017 118 W 2nd St., PO Box E, Xenia, OH 45385 • (937) 562-3121 Jeremiah Tree Board Notes Having served as Treasurer for the Jeremiah Tree Ministries over the past two years, I am well aware of the expense of providing emergency assistance to people who come here for help, and the costs for housing and sustaining the men who have committed to changing their lives through our residential recovery programs. But the work at the Tree requires more than money and material goods to fulfill the vision God has set before us. Many of our all-volunteer staff meet regularly to pray for this ministry, to ask for protection and blessing for the people involved in the work, and to seek God’s answers for the ongoing needs. By far, the most-mentioned prayer request is for more people to come and help. We need volunteers to better manage the two residential houses, to mentor the residents, to help with administrative tasks in the office, to coordinate schedules for residents and volunteer workers, to provide transportation, and to meet and pray with those who come in for assistance. Have you heard God’s voice calling you to serve in His work? Are you still looking for ways to use your motivations and skills for the Kingdom? Contact us and learn if you have a place of service here. Ken Clark, Board Treasurer Our first “Coffee for a Cause” fundraiser provided a delightful evening of gourmet coffees, testimonies of what God is doing in the ministry, and fellowship with old and new friends. Thank you to all who shared the evening with us! Thank you for coming to Coffee for a Cause and helping us raise $4500. HOW YOU CAN HELP Volunteer: House Managers (2) TreeHouse Assistant Case Manager (T/Th 1-3) JT Connections Specialist Transportation (as needed) Secretary (4-8 hrs/wk) Receptionist (4-8 hrs/wk) Mentors for TreeHouse residents Newsletter Editor (Quarterly) Newsletter Distributors IT/Social Media Coordinator Database Coordinator Event Planners Church Liaisons Repair & Maintenance volunteers Gardeners Weekend Project Teams Errand Runners Public Relations Supplies needed: 8 new pillows Twin sheet sets Set of pots & pans Paper towels Kitchen towels/dishcloths Toilet paper Laundry soap Fabric softener sheets Scrubbing Bubbles Non--perishable food items Financial needs: Give a one-time gift Be a monthly Tree donor Give while you shop…….. Kroger Community Rewards Amazon Smile Stay in touch: Join our mailing list by going to our website,, and clicking the tab “Contact Us.” Trying to Out-Give God As a young Christian in my early 20s I sat in Sunday school and heard the words, “You can’t out-give God. Just try to, and see what happens.” That was a challenge that the younger me took to heart! I was going to prove that wrong; I wanted to prove that I could outgive God. Well, I have tried now for close to 20 years to do just that and I haven’t been able to yet. People ask why I volunteer at The Jeremiah Tree and I have to admit my reasons are really selfish. You see, I have learned that when I am thinking about, focusing on, spending time, working with, and listening to others that I come away more blessed than the person or situation I was helping. That “can’t out-give God challenge” I was given in my early 20s taught me just that. Jesus wants us to be others-focused. He modeled that over and over in the Bible with how He spent His time. If Jesus wasn’t praying, He was pouring His life and time into others. “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God, He created him” (Genesis 1:27). Since we are made in God’s image, I want to copy Him as best I can. With each client I meet, I pray that a portion of God’s infinitely large heart shines through me. Then, in showing a portion of God’s love, I pray others may grow a desire to draw near to Him and begin a lifelong journey allowing God to be the center of all! —Tara Palmer, Connections Specialist “I really appreciate that each person who has an appointment here is prayed for and cared about, even if we cannot help them financially. This is one of the things that drew me to volunteer here. Jesus is really honored here. Just this morning we had someone come back and tell us that the prayer really made a difference for her.” Susan Jero, Administrative Assistant We are currently searching for a House Manager for the TreeHouse. This is an unpaid position, but offers free room and board in exchange for overseeing the residents through the night and on weekends. We have temporarily stopped accepting new applications until this position is filled. For a more complete job description and information, call Jeff at 207-0039.

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