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December 20'

What’s Up in the Tree Welcome to our second electronic newsletter. We hope you like the name for it as much as we do! December 2020 In this issue: Jason Graduates, Holidays, Servant’s Heart Award, and Ending the Year in the Red “There is peace here. This place is a portal to heaven!” — a resident

GRADUATION! Jason has successfully completed the program here at The Jeremiah Tree. We celebrated his graduation and presented his certificate to him on December 6 at Xenia Grace Chapel’s morning service. Jason was with us for 14 months and leaves us with a full-time job, being known as a hard worker, and most importantly, a heart transformed by Jesus. Please continue to pray for Jason as his next steps will not be without trial. Congratulations, Jason! We are so proud of you!

HOLIDAYS Our residents had a marvelous Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks go to Mark Brennaman of Brennaman Pest Solutions, Diana Taylor, Jeff Carter, and Susan Jero for helping to provide the delicious dinner. It is tradition here at The Jeremiah Tree to decorate for Christmas sometime over the Thanksgiving weekend. Decorating and football. It was a good day and our men are thankful for the opportunity they are being given to escape the trap of addiction. A big thank you to the people who are providing Christmas gifts for our residents! Some of these men have not been cared about for a long time so it is very meaningful to them. The men are looking forward to a relaxed Christmas day with good food, gifts, football. Merry Christmas!

SERVANT’S HEART AWARD What a year this has been! Almost everyone we speak with is eager to put 2020 behind us. But one of the things we would not change is Chuck Forsythe! We awarded our Servant’s Heart Award for 2020 to Chuck because he continues to go above and beyond in his teaching and service here at The Jeremiah Tree. Chuck teaches a class at both of our houses, has gotten a number of people from his church involved, prays for us, encourages the staff. We are so thankful for Chuck! If you would like to volunteer with us, call Jeff at 937-207-0039 as there are several things which could be done.

View the Presentation to Chuck here

ENDING THE YEAR IN THE RED If you are one who saves some donations for giving at the end of the year please consider giving to The Jeremiah Tree. God graciously allowed us to keep our heads just barely above water in a time when many non-profits and businesses went under, but we are ending the year with about a $10,000 shortfall as well as some very significant maintenance issues. We have created a GoFundMeCharity site to make donating and sharing easy. God is working here and we will use your gift very carefully.

Donate at the GoFundMeCharity site


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