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March 21'

What’s Up in the Tree “Before coming to the Jeremiah Tree I was facing all kinds of demons that tried to make me take my own life, thinking I was a failure and wouldn’t make it as someone who was successful. [The staff] and the program has given me hope and strength to be a productive member of society and a Christian.” --- a graduate March 2021 In this issue: Branches of Growth with Jeff, A Special Thank You, Words from a Volunteer, Staff Wedding Bells

Branches of Growth with Jeff There are currently 4 guys in our program. 2 have completed the first part of our program and have moved to The GreenHouse, our transitional house, and 2 are just a couple weeks away from that same step. The first 2 mentioned have jobs and are excited, but a little anxious since this is the first time in ages that they will be productive citizens. We have provided them the tools and mentors to help them along the way. We are always thrilled when we see how God works in their lives as they progress through the program. Please pray for our residents as well as staff. Thanks, Jeff

A Special Thank You In January two of our Board of Directors resigned, not because they wanted to but because of health conditions. Ken and Pauline Clark are two of our founding directors. They worked tirelessly for years around here. They have loved our residents, tended the gardens, donated money, faithfully prayed for staff and residents, and Ken was our treasurer for several years. They leave behind an indelible imprint of the hands and feet of Jesus. To honor their time with us we presented them a plaque and gave them a plant. You can watch the presentation video below. Thank you, Ken and Pauline!

Words from a Volunteer The ministry of Jeremiah Tree has been on my heart for a long time. As my job had me doing extensive travel, it was difficult to commit any significant time or routine attention to the ongoing needs of the TreeHouse. Largely due to the coronavirus that created great upheaval in everything “normal”, I took retirement last year. As I considered what I should do in this new season of life, I only knew that I wanted to redeem my days with real work in God’s kingdom. Things that really make a difference. Not busywork. There is much superficiality in today’s world. It can be challenging to have meaningful, spiritual conversations with neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances. I am drawn to the hearts of the TreeHouse residents, as they work diligently at growing away from mistakes of the past. We have transparent conversations about life, sin, salvation. It is so refreshing to develop the relationships with these men as we each face our need for obedience to God. It is a blessing to be a simple part in God’s plan. — Scott Wills Current Volunteer Needs: mentors, event planners, social media manager

Staff Wedding Bells Hearty congratulations to Stephen and Bethany Taylor on their wedding Saturday, March 13! We pray God’s blessings on your life together as you minister together!

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