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July/August 22'

What’s up in the Tree

Having good contacts in my inner circle, my support group, and church are things I will continue to keep in my daily life.” – a graduate August 2022 In this Issue: Thank you, Gary and Steve! Introducing our new Executive Director! Introducing our new Operations Manager! Looking for Table Hosts for the Gala.. Selling one building. Kids run a fundraiser!

Thank you, Gary! Gary Chapman has ministered here at The Jeremiah Tree for 3 years. His genuine love, joyful service, and willingness to go above and beyond have made a lasting impact upon the men and this ministry. This summer an organization in Dayton reached out to him. We are very glad for Gary to have this opportunity. Gary, the office is not the same without you but we pray God’s blessings on your service in Dayton!

Thank you, Steve! Steve Wilson has been part of The Jeremiah Tree for about 15 months. Steve has done a fantastic job as case manager for our men and has laid the groundwork for the man who follows next in that role. Steve has also helped the Board get better organized, spent a number of nights here with the residents, and served in quite a few other ways. Steve has decided it is time for him to leave; we wish him well as he continues to follow God’s leading and ministers to many. Thank you, Steve, for helping us get organized on many levels!

Announcing our new Executive Director: Pastor Kenny Garrett! Pastor Kenny Garrett has been set free from the bondage of addiction -- Jesus has changed him. Kenny says, “I was lost, undone, and had no moral compass. I am not that person anymore. I am a new person in Christ.” He has 16 years clean and gambling free. Kenny is confident, intelligent, organized, and a man who follows Jesus closely. He is also the pastor of General Baptist Church God’s House of Prayer in Fairborn. The church, under Kenny’s guidance, started the ministry of Feeding Fairborn. For relaxation and destressing, Kenny loves all phases of gardening, from the planning, growing seedlings, to the harvesting. Kenny, we are very blessed to have you and look forward to serving together as we seek to help men whom Jesus loves so very much!

Announcing our new Operations Manager: Dr. Mike Lawson Mike Lawson also has been set free by Jesus from the chains of addiction. He has a great passion to help rescue “one more man” from those same chains. And then one more. And then one more. Mike has 10 years clean and sober and has helped quite a few men find Jesus and their sobriety in becoming disciples of Jesus. Mike has volunteered with The Jeremiah Tree on and off as his schedule permitted for several years. Mike has also been instrumental in several Celebrate Recovery locations. Mike is an ordained pastor and has degrees in Pastoral Counseling and Christian Counseling. Mike, we are blessed to have you on staff and look forward to Jesus reaching one more and one more and one more and one more…together.

CHANGING SEASONS, CHANGING LIVES GALA Event Sponsors and Table Hosts Needed for the Gala We are actively seeking table hosts for the gala. A table host covers the cost for the 8 seats at his or her table and then invites friends to fill those seats. The table host helps these friends feel welcome and able to participate in the evening. We don’t leave you on your own; board members and staff are happy to stop at your table and answer questions that you need help with. Also, we will hold a table host training session on August 27. We each have different circles of people we know. YOU can reach people that the rest of us cannot. Everyone knows the addiction problem is huge. Invite your friends so they can be blessed by being part of the solution! The cost for a table is $300. Register at the button below! We are also looking for silent auction items. If you would like to put together a themed basket or would like to donate something for the silent auction, please let us know! We’d love to have you involved! Gala Date: October 1, 2022 Location: Schindler Center in Xenia

Register here

Selling 130 W. Second Street Some time back we had someone approach us about purchasing one of our two buildings in town. The Board had been starting to dream about purchasing a place out in the country. We knew that selling would provide a good start on the money needed for buying. We have a signed contract and closing is set for the week of August 15. We are now operating both the TreeHouse and GreenHouse phases of our program in our one house in town. 118 W. Second Street, Xenia. Please stay tuned for more information on our dream of farm life!

Kids run a fundraiser! Several of our donors are very artistic. Last year and this year, Hannah Biggs has run an art fundraiser for us through Facebook. This year, Nat and Hannah’s 3 children, Samuel, Viola, and Lily, wanted to help raise funds, too. They chose to make bead snakes and sell them out in front of Wanderlust shop in Cedarville. They sold quite a few snakes and then also donated money out of their own pockets. Wow! May these kids always have tender hearts and want to be involved in what God is doing in the hearts of people! If you have a creative idea for a fundraiser that you would like to run for us, we would love to talk with you about how YOU can be involved and help these men. If you have not responded to our recent plea for pre-gala funding, would you consider an extra donation at this time?

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