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April 21'

What’s Up in the Tree “[Psalm 19:14] is a verse I try to use daily. It reminds me that my heart can feel one way, my mind will think another. But I need to line it up together with Scripture. Before it leaves my mouth as if it was laid down at the altar before Jesus.” – a resident April 2021 In this issue: Core Values, Branches of Growth with Jeff, Easter, and Hiring OUR CORE VALUES Have you wondered if, how, or why The Jeremiah Tree is different from other recovery organizations? The answer in one word is Jesus. Our mission statement is “helping men find freedom from addictions through transformation by Christ.” Our core values are Christ, Community, Gratitude, Responsibility, and Reconciliation. Part of transformation is a man learning that his identity is in Jesus, not in his addiction. It is only when a man becomes fully convinced of that, that he is able to leave behind that addiction and move forward free.

BRANCHES OF GROWTH WITH JEFF We go through lots and lots of equipment. You may have noticed I ask for the same things quite often. Have you wondered why? That's because we go through a lot of the same things/equipment around here. Being on the front lines of the addiction battle most of our residents come from homes/places/institutions/streets and have not had a living arrangement where they were taught a lot of skills. One young man had never had his hands on a water hose and became agitated because he did not know how to roll up a hose. As they start out in our program they are in various stages of mindset so at times they can be a little rough on things. Lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners get the most damage. As men progress through the program they are taught life skills, and anger management along with other classes. So by the time they leave here they are able to not only have freedom from addiction, but are able to be a productive citizens.

CELEBRATING EASTER! He is risen! He is risen, indeed! And although Easter day is over for this year, we need to all be living in the reality of Easter every single day. The 3 men in the GreenHouse (our transitional house) had the opportunity to spend the day with their families. Reconciliation is one of our core values and it is great to see the guys working at it. The 3 men in the TreeHouse went to church, had a lazy afternoon, and then had a marvelous Easter dinner. Bethany Taylor (our house manager’s wife) and Susan Jero (admin and Board member) gave the guys a break and did the cooking. Special thanks to the people who provided money for the Easter dinner and who made up Easter baskets for the guys!

WE ARE HIRING Stephen our House Manager has been fantastic. He is moving on from us though since he was married in March. We are looking for a dedicated, teachable, single male to join our staff in helping give residents the tools to get out of the trap of addiction. This individual will be accessible to residents at night while he is sleeping, will supervise up to nine residents during evenings and weekends, with one weekend off per month, maintain safety and order, provide transportation using a ministry van, and participate with the residents in whatever is scheduled. If interested, please call Jeff at 937-207-0039. If you know a man who has a heart of compassion and wants to help others and who might be interested, please send that man our direction!

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