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Our Staff

Our staff is pleased to be able to share the love of Jesus with men caught in addiction.

Rev. Kenny Garrett, Executive Director

Pastor Kenny Garrett spent quite a few years living the life of a gambling addict, with the drugs and everything that goes with that lifestyle.  Kenny says, “I was lost, undone, and had no moral compass.  I am not that person anymore.  I am a new person in Christ.”  Jesus saved Kenny out of that life 16 years ago.  Kenny also serves as the pastor of General Baptist Church God’s House of Prayer in Fairborn.  The church, under Kenny’s guidance, started the ministry of Feeding Fairborn.  Kenny is a great cook, an avid gardener, and loves his dog, Butters, an English Bulldog.

Mike Lawson, Program Manager

Dr. Mike Lawson grew up in Dayton, with an alcoholic/addicted father who overdosed and died when Mike was 15.  At 18 Mike went into the Marines where he learned to drink.  When he got out, he went through the police academy.  Since Jesus rescued him, Mike has gotten several degrees, including a Doctorate in Christian Counseling.  Mike has a passion to reach “just one more” and then one more and then one more.

Stephen Taylor, Operations Coordinator

Stephen Taylor was rescued by Jesus from addiction a few years ago while sitting in the Greene County jail.  Stephen’s greatest joy now is serving Jesus.  Stephen schedules community service activities and afternoon activities for our residents.  He and his wife Bethany live here in Xenia.

Susan Jero, Admin

Susan serves as our Administrative Assistant.  She started volunteering at The Jeremiah Tree when her youngest went away to college.  Susan had homeschooled their four sons all the way from K-12 and was wondering what God had in store for her next.  She thinks it is pretty funny that God gave her only sons and now has her in a recovery house for men.  Susan and her husband, Paul, were married in 1984.  They are enjoying the empty nest and now both serve on the Jeremiah Tree Board of Directors.