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January 21'

What’s Up in the Tree January is often a gray, dreary month. Things are still hopping around here. Read on to hear some good things happening! January 2021 In this issue: Christmas; Christmas Growth; Growing Pains: An evening of Music, Drama, and Comedy; Porch Replacement “My life before the TreeHouse consisted of always being on the go, traveling, hopping trains, and hitchhiking, doing drugs for fun and drinking myself to sleep at night. Since I’ve been here at the TreeHouse I learned that relationships matter. With people in my life that care I seem to look forward to tomorrow.” — a resident

CHRISTMAS! Our residents had a joy-filled Christmas Day. The men opened stockings and gifts and had a great Christmas dinner with Executive Director Jeff, his wife Terry, House Manager Stephen, and his girlfriend Bethany. For some of our residents it has been years since they have had gifts given with them as individuals in mind. Jeff likes to have the men make up Christmas idea lists. People then donated many of the items on their lists. It means a lot to the men to know people care about them. Thank you very much to those who donated gifts for our men!

CHRISTMAS GROWTH In Acts 20:35 the Apostle Paul credits Jesus with the quotation, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” It is a real joy to see how this is becoming true for one of our residents. This resident put only a couple of items on his Christmas idea list. What did he want most? He wanted to be able to give his wife a Christmas gift! Someone donated some money to help make this happen. Each of our other residents were able to have a phone visit or in-person visit with family. Reconciliation is happening. And it is a beautiful thing!

The men had fun watching Ohio State.

Growing Pains: An evening of Music, Drama, and Comedy Thursday, February 25, 7 pm Brew a cup of coffee and join us for an hour of comedy, drama, music, and Jesus! For details and to get your ticket go to:

FRONT PORCH REPLACEMENT FUNDING The porch of our smaller house has been rotting for many years. In 2020 we received a grant from Greene Development which will cover most of the expense of replacing this rotten porch. HB Electric & Construction is helping us significantly as well. This project is underway as I write and it is exciting! We have other significant repairs which also are waiting for funding. January is often a time of very low contributions. Would you consider making a monetary donation or becoming a monthly contributor at the beginning of this new year?


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