We are doing something!

WE ARE DOING SOMETHING….will you join us?  We need your help.

In Xenia, The TreeHouse and GreenHouse are both men’s faith-based residential discipleship houses DOING SOMETHING to help rescue men caught in the evil of addiction, guiding them with love, instruction, and support to follow Jesus Christ and take part in His healing power for a new life.  Lives are changing at The TreeHouse and the GreenHouse!  Men are being restored to God, family, and jobs!

We need YOUR help.  The needs are great and here is how you can help us.

We are currently searching for house managers for our TreeHouse and GreenHouse Recovery Ministry houses. Until the position is filled, we will be unable to take any new applications for potential TreeHouse residents. This position is unpaid, as all our staff, but we offer *FREE* room and board. The duties include supervising 1-4 men, maintaining schedules, able to teach class, and transporting residents to church services. This person must be male, single, valid driver’s license, insurable, strong character traits, leadership abilities, strong in the scripture, and able to teach.

An important non-residential opportunity is for an Assistant to the Director (Assistant duties). Please contact Jeff at 937-207-0039 for more information and a detailed explanation of duties.


Daily/Weekly:  Men to teach bible classes on Friday mornings 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.  Men to teach life skills, provide transportation, discipleship and mentoring on a regular basis. Someone to do Case Management Tuesdays/Thursdays 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

As needed:  Men and/or women are needed to take on projects at the TreeHouse such as repairs and painting.

Once a week:  We need help with organization of the office, filing, grocery shopping, errands, and some PR in the community.


We feed and house 7-8 men in our two ministry houses.  The financial need is great and growing.  Our full-time and part-time staff are unpaid.  With financial help from local congregations, we can feed, house, teach, and care for these men.  In addition to praying for us, please consider us in your congregation’s missions budget for regular financial support.

Get in contact with the Director, Jeff Carter at 937-207-0039. 

The TreeHouse  130 W. Second St.  Xenia, OH

The GreenHouse  118 W. Second St.  Xenia, OH